Superannuation Basics

What is superannuation?

Can I choose my super fund?

Market volatility

Why are returns down recently (2022)?

Is Future Super's performance worse than other funds’?

If it's normal for performance to go up and down, why haven't I seen my super fund's performance go down before?

Can I just switch all my super to cash while markets are volatile?

Has Future Super changed its investment strategy given the negative returns?


What is divestment?

How does divestment work?

Aside from fossil fuels, what other ethical screens does Future Super have?

How do I find out how much exposure to fossil fuels my current super fund has?


How do I join Future Super?

How do I find my Tax File Number? (TFN)

Rolling over

How do I rollover my other super to Future Super?

How to roll over your existing super through myGov

Am I able to transfer my KiwiSaver into Future Super?

Investments and returns

What does Future Super invest in?

What investment options does Future Super have?

What are Future Super's returns like?

What were the total returns of my investments in the past financial year?

Why is my account performance different to the fund performance?

What is a unit price?

How does a unitised fund work?

Contributions and payments to your super

Employer contributions & tax

How do I get my employer to pay contributions to Future Super?

My employer requires a letter from you stating that you are a complying fund and able to accept employer contributions. What is this?

How much superannuation is my employer required to pay?

Does my employer have to make super contributions if I'm under 18?

I’m self-employed. How do I make contributions?

Does Future Super allow salary sacrifice contributions?

How do I make personal contributions to my account?

I want to make a super contribution on behalf of my spouse. How can I do this and how do I claim the tax offset?

What is the difference between concessional and non-concessional contributions?

What is a Contributions Tax?

Can I contribute to my super account if I'm over 65?

What is the work test?

What is the work test exemption?

What is the Downsizer contribution?

How do I submit a notice of intent to claim my personal contribution as a tax deduction?

When should I submit a Notice of Intent for a personal contribution?

How do I vary the amount included in a previous Notice of Intent for a personal contribution?

Do I need to submit a Notice of Intent to Future Super?

My employer is having trouble contributing to Future Super. What can I do?


What are my total fees?

What is Baby Bump?

I’m on parental leave. What support do you provide?

Why is the total fees amount in my member statement different to the fees shown in deductions?

Why did I receive a fee rebate?

Where can I find out information about fees?

What are my fees paying for?


Why do we need so much information to provide you and insurance quote?

Does Future Super offer insurance?

How do I apply for Insurance?

How are the premiums paid?

How do I cancel or alter my insurance cover?

Forms and documents

How can I certify my ID?

Do proof of identity documents need to be translated?

What does preserved benefit mean?

What does restricted non-preserved benefit mean?

What does unrestricted non-preserved benefit mean?

Why is the preserved benefit amount on my member statement different from the balance shown in my online account?

Where do I find my insurance information?

What are the numbers next to my name on my annual member statement?

How come I can’t change or cancel my Insurance Cover in the Insurance Section of the website, even though the Annual Member Statement tells me that I can?

What are the benefits paid in my account?

Do you send out member statements?

Do I need my annual member statement to complete my tax return?

Managing your account

How do I check up on my account?

I can't log in to my online account. What do I do?

Where can I find my member statement?

What is the tax paid on my account?

How do I know if my employer paid enough super?

How do I find out if Protecting Your Super impacts me?

If Protecting Your Super impacts me, what do I need to do?

Why was my account closed?

I've changed my name. How do I update my personal details?

How do I update my contact details?


Who can I nominate as a binding beneficiary?

How do I nominate a beneficiary?

What is a beneficiary?

Difference between binding and non-binding nominations

Withdrawing from your super

What is my preservation age?

What is a condition of release?

Can I access my super early?

How do I access my super due to financial hardship?

When can I access my super?

Can I access my super under the First Home Super Saver scheme?

How do I close my account?


What is an Account-Based Pension?

How much do I need to start a pension account?

At what age can I start a pension?

What's the minimum drawdown amount?

How do I access money from my pension account outside of my regular payments?

How can I nominate a beneficiary for my pension account?

What is a reversionary beneficiary?

How can I change my regular payment?

How do I join Future Super’s pension fund?

How does a pension work?


What is your ABN and USI?

What is Protecting Your Super?

How can I call you while I'm overseas?

How does super work for temporary residents of Australia?


What is a clearing house?

Can I see what employee contributions I made on your website?

Can I pay multiple employees’ super contributions in one payment?

Can I pay employees’ super contributions by cheque?

Can I sign my employees up to Future Super?

Can I make employer super contributions outside of a clearinghouse?

How much super do I need to pay?

How do I pay super contributions?

What is SuperStream?

What information do I need to pay employer contributions via a clearing house?

Oops! I've overpaid employer contributions. How can I request a refund?

Common issues when paying by clearing house

Advisor information

What are Future Super’s recent returns?